Submit Photos

General Instructions

There are different ways you can submit the photographs that will appear on the family tree or timeline. You can create a free Dropbox file at and invite to share the file.  You can then place any photos you have in the file.  Large files with more information are better since this makes it easier to repair and enhance them, but we will use whatever photos you have as best we can.   You can scan the photos to a CD and mail the information to us (do not send original photos).  Or you can make quality paper copies of the photos and mail them to us and we will scan them.

If you submit the photographs on CD, best practice is to scan them into TIFF files. The more photographic information we have, the easier it is to enhance and repair the photos as needed before they are placed on the family tree or timeline.  For best results, portrait photos of single individuals should be scanned at 300 resolution into a TIFF file, while any group photos from which a single individual will be selected, should be scanned at 600 resolution into a TIFF file.  Any very small photos are best  scanned at 600 PPI.  TIFF files  are large files so they may need to be put on CD or DVD and mailed or delivered to us. The files may be too large to send over the internet.  However, we can complete the project with JPEG, PDF, TIFF, etc.  We will work with what you have.  If you can put them into DropBox, you need to label the file with the Last and First Name of the person who placed the Family Tree order.

All the photos submitted should be clearly labeled using the ancestor’s first, middle, and last names so that the photos can be easily linked to the forms submitted.   Please communicate with us during your project through email to

Please use the following address for shipping forms and photos:

Family Trees and Timelines
Robert & Janet Faught
7823 Spring Station Way
Midvale, UT 84047-5691

Please identify your correspondence with your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number so that we can locate your order and contact you when necessary.